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Making a Difference

The organizations we work with are all unique, with their own individual cultures, visions, values, goals, and strategies.  We set specific goals for every client based only on client needs.  MD Web Technologies’ impact could be seen in all of the following areas:
  • Website Development:  Building  an effective presence for your business or organization on the web.
  • Website Visibility:  Making sure clients and prospects can find your web home; meeting the needs of search engines and internet directories.
  • Social Media Integration:  Automated applications drive connectivity between your website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Email Marketing:  Efficient and automated technologies gather email contacts and distribute company updates and promotions as directed.
  • Web Analytics:  Gathering data from your web visitors from website and social media, building targeted campaigns, growing customers and support.
  • Web Applications: Specialized applications to build interest and engagement with visitors to your website.

Whatever your organizational goal may be, we want to design a solution to help you meet your goals.   Our only measurable impact is tied directly to the cost-effective achievement of our customer’s goals.

Read about how integrated web solutions made a client impact by contributing to the turn around of a struggling non-profit, the Mission of Hope in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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