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Client Impact

The organizations we work with are all unique, with their own individual cultures, visions, values, goals, and strategies.  We set specific goals for every client based only on client needs.  MD Web Technologies' impact could be seen in all of the following areas:
  • Website Development:  Building  an effective presence for your business or organization on the web.
  • Website Visibility:  Making sure clients and prospects can find your web home; meeting the needs of search engines and internet directories.
  • Social Media Integration:  Automated applications drive connectivity between your website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Email Marketing:  Efficient and automated technologies gather email contacts and distribute company updates and promotions as directed.
  • Web Analytics:  Gathering data from your web visitors from website and social media, building targeted campaigns, growing customers and support.
  • Web Applications: Specialized applications to build interest and engagement with visitors to your website.

Whatever your organizational goal may be, we want to design a solution to help you meet your goals.   Our only measurable impact is tied directly to the cost-effective achievement of our customer's goals.

Client Impact:  Growth and Service

Consider, for example, the illustration of Mission of Hope, an Iowa non-profit serving those in need of food, clothing, and housing. During 2013, Mission of Hope was on the path toward failure. Growing needs in the area had pressured their expenditures and facilities, and revenues could no longer keep up with expenses.

"The last three years have seen great financial stress for the organization as expenses exceeded donations $92,052, including excess expenses of $8,186 through November of this year. This shortfall cannot be sustained."

In addition to taking a look at possible expense reductions, the board of directors also endeavored to improve communications with the community through social media. First, it was necessary to begin with a firm understanding of the organization's purpose, i.e. to provide for those in need of food, clothing, and housing. In order to communicate better, an inventory of existing resources was taken at the time, including;

  • Resources for Online Marketing Campaign:
  • A recently updated WordPress™ website with very light traffic
  • FaceBook™ presence with just under 300 followers
  • Twitter™ presence with virtually no connections
  • Email distribution list of less than 100 email addresses
  • Budget for mailing up to four newsletters per year

The organization had good tools available, but was using each of them only at the surface level. The relatively few followers of FaceBook received a steady flow of updates, and a connection with a weekly blog posting. However, growth was slow and there was no use of the marketing tools available for either the website or social media accounts. Two important "Insights" from the FaceBook business platform became critically important.  Here's the impact of web technologies implemented at Mission of Hope.

  • Expanded social media following:  In one case our efforts contributed to a FaceBook following which expanded from under 300 followers to over 2,200 in less than two years.
  • Increased email marketing response:  We have successfully grown an email marketing database from two dozen to over 500 willing subscribers.
  • Increased web visibility:  We have improved both website availability and in-store referrals from website visits.
  • Increased online revenue:  In some cases, online efforts have contributed significantly to capital expansion using strategic partnerships with PayPal and WooCommerce.

First and foremost, the organization began tracking post traffic flow, and taking advantage of the inexpensive advertising options available through FaceBook™. Using the FaceBook™ marketing tools, the organization was able to quickly expand its social media following by examining demographic profile information on social media.

With social media communications, the organization was able to increase it's social media following by 900% in less than two years

Over a two-year period, with consistent effort at expanding social media and email communication, here are some of the objectives that were reached.

  • Marketing Campaign: Objectives Reached
  • WordPress™ website actively integrated with Google™ Analytics
  • FaceBook™ following expanded to over 2,000 regular followers
  • Email distribution list of expanded to over 700 email addresses
  • More newsletters, More social media posts, More communications, ....

Yet all this would be meaningless if it did not address the Mission of Hope business goal, i.e. to increase support so that needed services can continue to expand. As the newsletter below celebrates, Mission of Hope experienced great success while it's online media campaigns were active. Here is a summary of a few of the business goals achieved over that time;

Measured in terms of the organizational goals, caring for those in need, the social media campaign was huge success. Donations and volunteer hours expanded rapidly. The mission was able to move from a 3,000 square-foot store-front to a 20,000 square-foot historic church building in their target area. A newsletter, published near the end of the campaign, is provided below.

Mission of Hope

Fall Newsletter: 2015

We praise the Lord for His love, and the love He calls us to live out day by day. In this newsletter, we celebrate salvation, service, and shelter. We also offer an inside look at ministry stewardship.

Touching Lives

At Mission of Hope we are blessed to connect at critical points in the lives of others, and to participate along the way in the many faces of God’s saving grace. When Jenifer came by the Mission of Hope in 2014, she was in a state of homelessness and despair. She was comforted and counseled. In a short time, her life was back on track. Over one year later, Jenifer is an overcomer, and often volunteers at Mission of Hope so that she can give back that which she once received. We praise God for Jenifer’s recovery and celebrate the wonderful new life in her baby Mya day by day.

Serving Others.

As part of God’s transforming love, we continue to offer expanding services related to food, clothing, and shelter. The noon meal program, clothes closet, and food bank all continue to be offered six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Going into the winter months, we expect to give away thousands of coats, and warm clothing donations are very welcome. Canned goods, especially canned meat and hearty soups, are in high demand.

Church partners also participated in their own unique programs in our neighborhood. Holy Redeemer’s Cana Meal offered a full-service meal to over one hundred guests, including entertainment and complimentary photo booth. Great fun was also provided at Beautiful Day hosted by St. Mark’s Lutheran, including a picnic for over three hundred, a bounce house, an obstacle course, a velcro wall, and an army of volunteers to complete projects around the mission. In all, the special events took place almost weekly and are far too many to be listed.


Shelter. So far in 2015 the Mission of Hope men’s shelter has provided temporary refuge for just over 200 homeless men. We continue to press capacity levels up to and beyond 100% going into the cold winter months. During October, Mission of Hope was able to purchase a new property for women’s shelter, and we are working diligently to open this property for business before January. Please join us in praising the Lord and praying for the completion of this important project.

Stewardship Report:

During the fourth quarter of 2013, the Mission of Hope board resolved to reducing operating expenses in effort to expand services and facilities. We praise the Lord for providing the purchase of a new mission and shelter buildings since that time. Assets for ongoing services have more than doubled.

We Need Your Help: The ministry remains 100% privately funded. Monthly budgeted expenses will be increasing with the new shelter space. Donate online or mail to Mission of Hope, P.O. Box 1101, Cedar Rapids, IA,52406.


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