MD Web Technologies are Open Source

MD Web Technologies is committed to promoting open-source solutions.  Why?  In short, because they are better for the client.  Here are six great reasons that we believe open source is the best way to meet client software needs:

  1. License Free.  It's license free, leaving the client completely in charge of the software that supports their needs.
  2. Secure.  It's secure, giving the client 100% control over monitoring, access, and modifications to the source code.
  3. Flexible.  It's flexible, providing integration opportunities with other web platforms like Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn.
  4. Cost Effective.  It's free, with open source software models being obtained and maintained through public domain OSS communities.
  5. Portable.  It's portable, allowing the client to expand or change software team or web hosting platform at any time with minimal interruption.

To learn more about open source technologies today, enjoy the video provided below.  Because of our commitment to OSS solutions for our clients, MD participates actively in the open source development community.  In our Community section, you will find additional background on OSS and the OSS Community as well as a forum for the sharing and development of OSS code.