mdbytes.com is the home of freelance developer Martin Dwyer.  The site serves two purposes.  First, it is a place where Martin can introduce himself to clients acquired through Upwork or other means.  To that end, the site contains a comprehensive resume, skills inventory, and overview of technical experience and aptitudes.  The site also contains a portfolio with a number of full-stack applications written with a range of client-side and server-side frameworks.

Second, and perhaps most importantly to Martin, is related to sharing with others.  Martin has been tutoring computer science and software development students for over three years, and he has found it beneficial to communicate with students and fellow programmers through the website.  Posts here range from simple programming solutions to complex topics in software engineering.  The site has grown beyond the students he tutors, now having over 1,000 registered subscribers and hundreds of visitors each month.

Please feel free to explore the information, applications and resources here, and feel free to contact Martin today.



In the portfolio at mdbytes.com, you will find over a dozen websites and web applications Martin has developed over the past few years. These include two websites which he owns and operates today; goWildThings.com and goPrimalStrength.com.   When combined with his main website here at mdbytes.com, there are over 4,000 regular subscribers and thousands of monthly visitors.  You can click on each image here to visit the website, or visit our portfolio page for additional details.


Along with ongoing collaborations on Github and StackOverflow, Martin has regularly published articles about coding here at mdbytes.com. In a recent post entitled Writing Code From Scratch, Inheritance, and Composition, Martin explained :

When approaching a software project, the developer must determine the most appropriate method of development.  This involves many choices, including what objects are relevant, the classes for those objects, and whether to code those classes from scratch, or to utilize object-oriented techniques like inheritance or composition... read more

The resources Martin publishes here are intended to provide insights for growth and development for the students he tutors and the software development community in general. Feel free to browse the articles published here, which range from simple programming solutions to more complex issues in system design.

Our site logo, the Celtic Trinity Knot made up of three interlocking circles, represents both Celtic heritage and commitment to development of the whole person; mind, body and soul.